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TAJ AL-JAZIRAH specializes in fire protection engineering, life safety code, building code, accessibility, and security consulting. We offer a comprehensive, integrated set of planning, design, and risk management services for every building type. Our technical experts provide location-specific knowledge of local codes and standards. We offer insight and options early on in the design stage, helping reduce project costs and avoid schedule delays tied to code compliance and regulatory requirement issues. We work with building owners, architects, developers, real estate property and facility managers, institutions, and government agencies to build long-term relationships based on a proven approach to life safety engineering and risk reduction.


At TEC, also known as Taj Al Jazirah engineering consultancy, our vision is to emerge as a preeminent global leader in fire protection and safety consulting. We are dedicated to achieving excellence, fostering innovation, and establishing ourselves as a reliable entity that sets industry benchmarks in both HCIS and civil defense standards. We aspire to gain international recognition for our unwavering commitment to safety, delivering cutting-edge solutions that contribute to a safer world. Our goal is to be the preferred consultancy, known for trust and quality, as we strive to meet and exceed the expectations of businesses seeking approved HCIS and civil defense services.


Our mission at TEC is to provide unparalleled fire protection and safety consulting services. We aim to guide our clients with expert HCIS consulting services, ensuring that they not only meet but exceed safety standards in their operations. By implementing HCIS and SAF directives, we actively contribute to fostering a culture of safety, resilience, and regulatory compliance. Serving as a reliable SAF consultant, we offer strategic solutions to enhance safety measures and minimize risks. Our commitment extends to delivering fire protection consulting services tailored to the unique needs of our clients, ensuring the implementation of robust safety measures. Furthermore, we aspire to be recognized as an approved civil defense consultant, contributing to the creation of a secure and resilient environment through our commitment to consultancy excellence.