PROJECTS 2023-12-22T09:43:55+03:00
Conducting fire risk assessments and implementing HCIS fire consultant-approved solutions for oil refineries and drilling sites.
Designing and installing fire sprinkler systems in compliance with building codes requirements for enhanced fire protection.

Developing SAF workflows and directives for chemical storage and processing facilities.
Offering SAF-01 compliant fire protection solutions and FP consultant services to ensure code compliance.

Implementing SAF packages for manufacturing plants and warehouses, including testing and commissioning of fire protection systems.
Providing FP consulting for building safety and fire hazard analysis in logistics centers.

Creating SAF-01 compliant safety risk assessments for mining sites.
Designing FEED packages for fire protection systems in mining facilities.

Designing and installing fire protection systems in accordance with HCIS fire consultant guidelines for civil explosives handling facilities.
Conducting testing and commissioning of the installed systems to ensure reliability.

Offering FP consultant services for power plants and adhering to building codes requirements.
Providing engineering expertise for the installation package and maintenance of fire protection systems in energy generating plants.

Implementing SAF workflows for water treatment plants and offering FP consultant services.
Conducting fire hazard analysis and ensuring code compliance in water treatment facilities.

Designing and installing fire protection systems compliant with SAF directives for critical infrastructure projects.
Providing SAF-approved emergency response training for tunnel environments.

Developing FP contractor-approved fire protection measures for construction sites.
Ensuring installation packages meet building codes requirements for temporary fire protection.

Conducting safety risk assessments and providing HCIS fire consultant-approved fire protection upgrades for government offices.
Offering training on code compliance and emergency preparedness for government employees.

Designing and installing fire protection systems for transportation hubs following HCIS fire consultant guidelines.
Offering FP consultant services for vehicle fire suppression systems in compliance with building codes requirements.