The Saudi Council of Engineers is also known as the SAUDI ENGINEERING COUNCIL. The Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE) is a professional body that was established in 2002 to promote the engineering profession and improve its standards and practitioners. The SCE is supervised by the Ministry of Commerce and Investment and is based in Riyadh.

The SCE’s statute, which was established under Royal Decree 36/M, allows it to establish governing policies and criteria for engineering practice in Saudi Arabia. According to the SCE, there are 100,840 certified engineers in the Kingdom, including 48,762 civil engineers, 34,440 electrical engineers, and 9,137 electronics and communications engineers.

The SCE’s headquarters are located in Riyadh. Their phone number is (+966) 112 942 999.

TEC is approved by the Saudi Engineering Council as having fulfilled all the conditions and technical requirements to practice fire protection consultancy services.

The TEC license number is 5100002386. For verification, please insert the license number in the SCE below the portal.

What is TEC, and what services does it offer?

TEC, or The Engineering Company, is approved by the Saudi Engineering Council to provide fire protection consulting services.

What is TEC’s license number?

TEC’s license number is 5100002386.

How can I verify TEC’s approval with the SCE?

Insert the license number 5100002386 on the SCE portal for verification.

Are there specific technical requirements that TEC has fulfilled for SCE approval?

Yes, TEC has fulfilled all conditions and technical requirements set by the Saudi Engineering Council for its fire protection consulting services.