TEC engineers and technicians have tested smoke control systems in a wide variety of applications, to verify the performance of our own smoke control system designs, to commission existing systems, and perform third party special inspections.

TEC works with building owners, contractors, and authorities having jurisdiction to perform a wide variety of testing, including:

  • Smoke barrier inspection / leakage testing.
  • Duct pressurization tests.
  • Sequence of operations tests.
  • Pressure differentials and door opening forces.
  • Supervision of components (including the weekly self-test).

Our experience as smoke control system designers enables us to troubleshoot system problems as they arise and recommend solutions that are both timely and cost-effective.

Atriums and Other Large Volume Spaces

The performance requirements for smoke control systems in atriums and other large volume spaces are typically based on fire dynamics / CFD modelling.

TEC typically reviews test and balance reports and performs a variety of testing to verify the functionality of the system. We verify the proper sequence of operations of the system and the proper monitoring of fans, dampers, and door/window operators. Sometimes performance tests are required by the local authorities having jurisdiction. To satisfy this requirement, we have the capability to run both cold smoke tests and hot smoke tests, utilizing our custom built hot smoke test apparatus.

Pressurization Smoke Control Systems

A variety of pressurization systems may exist in a building, including stair pressurization, elevator pressurization, and zoned smoke control systems. We perform detailed measurements of both pressure differentials (using digital manometers) and door opening forces (using spring pressure gauges) to ensure that the system performs as expected. A complex system is tested under various modes to verify failure points that may create pressures that are out of the acceptable range.