Emergency Fire Helpline Numbers Around the World: Be Prepared Anywhere!

Fire can strike anywhere, anytime, so knowing the local emergency fire helpline number for fire services is crucial. Whether you’re a globetrotting adventurer or simply visiting your neighbor, having this information at your fingertips could make a critical difference. Buckle up as we embark on a global tour of fire helpline numbers!

Emergency Fire Helpline Number in Saudi Arabia:

In Saudi Arabia, the Emergency Fire Helpline number for fire is 998. This number connects you directly to the General Directorate of Civil Defense, which is responsible for fire response throughout the Kingdom.

Emergency Fire Helpline Number in Europe:

Across Europe, the 112 Emergency Fire Helpline number connects you to all emergency services, including fire. Some countries also have individual fire numbers. For example, the UK uses 999, France dials 18, and Germany utilizes 112.

Emergency Fire Helpline Number in North America:

North America, like Europe, relies heavily on the 911 emergency number for all services, including fire. Canada also uses 911, while Mexico utilizes 911 or 088 for fire emergencies.

Emergency Fire Helpline Number in South America:

In South America, the emergency situation varies by country. Brazil uses 193 for fire, Argentina dials 100, and Colombia requires dialing 119. Remember to check the specific number for your destination!


Asia presents a diverse landscape of emergency numbers. India uses 101 for fire, China dials 119, and Japan requires calling 119. Always research the local number before traveling to this vast and vibrant region.


The African continent also requires researching the specific emergency number for your destination. South Africa uses 10111 for fire, while Kenya dials 999. Familiarize yourself with the local number before embarking on your African adventure.


Australia and New Zealand both utilize the 000 emergency number for all services, including fire. This makes things simple for travelers exploring these stunning countries.


  • Always check the specific emergency number for your destination before traveling.
  • Keep the number easily accessible, perhaps saved in your phone or written down on a piece of paper.
  • In case of emergency, stay calm and dial the number clearly.
  • Provide concise information about the fire location and any potential hazards.

By being prepared and knowing the local emergency number for fire, you can help yourself and others stay safe during any unforeseen fiery situations. Now go explore the world with confidence, knowing you have the power to call for help if needed!

Tip: Consider downloading a global emergency app that automatically detects your location and provides local emergency numbers. Be smart, be safe, and enjoy your travels!

NOTE: “As we strive for accuracy and excellence, please bear with us, as the information on this page undergoes internal audit and quality control at Tec-Fire; your safety remains our top priority.”