Al Khafji Desalination Plant Project 2020-08-11T16:46:16+03:00

Project Description

Al Khafji Desalination Plant Project

Start Date:
Dec. 10, 2015

End Date:
Feb. 07, 2016

Al Khafji, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Al Khafji Desalination Plant Project

The project’s scope of work consists of a solar saline water reverse osmosis desalination plant located in Al Khafji, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia. The plant will employ the new Solar Saline Water Reverse Osmosis (Solar SWRO) desalination method using ultra-filtration (UF) for  the pre-treatment process. It will be able to supply 60,000 cubic meters of desalinated seawater a day to the city, ensuring a constant water supply throughout the year


Project Goal and Scope:


  • Prepare Front End Engineering package FEED which include fire hazard analysis, building code analysis, design basis, Identification of Fire Protection, Fire Detection, Alarm and design parameters, generic material, equipment specifications and all documents & drawings as required by HCIS directives (SAF-01).


Obtaining HCIS approval.