EDC to EC Modification in EG-1 Plant 2020-08-08T10:36:22+03:00

Project Description

EDC to EC Modification in EG-1 Plant

Start Date:
April 2018

End Date:
Ongoing (FEED Completed)

Jubail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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H.K. Al-Sadiq Sons Co. LTD.

EDC to EC Modification in EG-1 Plant

SHARQ has initiated a project named EDC to EC Modification in EG-1 Plant project as a part of catalyst replacement project, SHARQ has  decided to replace the existing moderator EDC (Ethylene Di-Chloride) system at 1EG Plant with new (Ethyl Chloride) system.

 Project Goal and Scope:

  • Prepare Front End Engineering package FEED which include fire hazard analysis, building code analysis, design basis, Identification of Fire Protection, Fire Detection, Alarm and design parameters, generic material, equipment specifications and all documents & drawings as required by HCIS directives (SAF-01).

Review & Evaluate the installation package documents produced by fire protection contractor. Identify the format and contents of Safety and Fire Protection Packages which are to be submitted to the High Commission for Industrial Security (HCIS) as required in SAF-01.

Site Supervision in Testing and Commissioning Stage

 Obtaining HCIS approval.